Can I Sell My Tacoma, Washington House As-Is?

If you plan to sell your house as-is in Washington, you may want to consider an alternative to a traditional sale. If you list your house in the market as-is, you will be competing with houses in better condition. Your chances of finding a buyer prepared to shell out money for repairs or upgrades are low in a tough economy. 

A better option for selling your property in its current condition is a home cash sale to a local home buyer in Tacoma, Washington. A local buyer can assess your house, make a fair cash offer, and close the sale quickly - typically in seven to 21 days. A cash sale can help you if you need to relocate, sell an inherited property, or avoid a foreclosure or bankruptcy. 

What Does It Mean to Sell My House As-Is?

Selling your Tacoma, Washington house as-is is perhaps the easiest way to unload your property. 

No Repairs or Upgrades

Selling your house as-is means that you do not make any repairs or improvements. When you sell to a local buyer, you do not have to clean the house or prepare to show it. A buyer can assess the property value - or at least what they are willing to pay - by doing a walkthrough. You can save thousands of dollars in repair costs by going this route.

Bypass the Real Estate Market

In a traditional sale, you list your house on the market and hire a realtor to find a buyer. Listing the house involves dealing with multiple potential buyers and going through a complicated closing process. A cash home sale is a private transaction between you and the local buyer. There is no need to list the house on the market or show it to prospective buyers.

Save Money in Selling Costs

Selling a house today can be expensive. There are numerous costs that you will incur just to find and secure a buyer. Expenses may include repairs, realtor commissions, closing costs, listing & marketing costs, inspections, appraisals, and miscellaneous fees. All these costs disappear when you sell your house as-is to a local home buyer in Tacoma, Washington.

Sell When You Want

Did you know that it takes an average of 60 to 90 days to sell your house through a realtor? It can take several months or years if you attempt to sell your house as-is on the market. In a cash home sale, you can get an offer within 24 to 48 hours and close the sale in as little as seven to 21 days. There simply isn’t a faster way to sell your house in Tacoma, Washington.

Does My Situation Keep Me from Selling My House?

Selling your house as-is can delay your sale by several months. Some houses stay vacant on the market for several years before a buyer shows interest. Legal issues such as probate, bankruptcy, or foreclosure can also keep you from selling your house if you cannot move the property quickly. It can be frustrating if you are trying to get out of a mortgage.

Fortunately, virtually no issues or situations prevent you from selling your house directly to a buyer. You can sell the property quickly because the buyer is willing to buy the property as-is with no conditions. You can sell your house fast for cash in any situation, such as

Bankruptcy Damaged House
Distressed House Divorce
Downsizing Foreclosure
Inherited Property Late Mortgage Payments
Probate Relocating
Selling As-Is Selling Rental Property

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    What Are the Steps to Selling My House As-Is?

    A cash home buyer can simplify the steps to closing a sale, making it easier for you to sell your house and walk away. You can sell the property in three easy steps.

    Step 1: Contact a Local Home Buyer

    Step 2: Get a Fair Cash Offer

    Step 3: Get Paid Cash for Your House

    The first step in selling your house as-is is to contact a local home buyer and schedule a quick walkthrough of the property. Don’t worry about renovations, repairs, or even cleaning the house. A local buyer will buy your house as-is.

    Once you schedule a walkthrough, the buyer will assess the property. If they are interested in buying the house, they will make a fair cash offer. In most cases, the buyer will make an offer within 24 to 48 hours of the walkthrough.

    If you accept the buyer’s offer, you will schedule a convenient closing date. Closing the sale is easy. Simply sign the paperwork and walk away with no strings attached. The buyer will pay all closing costs and other fees.

    Sell Your House As-Is to Tacoma Cash Offer

    If you need to sell your house right away, Tacoma Cash Offer can help. We are local home buyers in Tacoma, Washington. We can look at your property, make a fast cash offer, and close in as little as seven days. We buy houses as-is. Call 253-300-2897 to get a fast cash offer. Sell your house fast as-is for cash to Tacoma Cash Offer!

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