What fees will I have to pay out of pocket to you?

We charge no fees or commission, and that is why we feel we’re a better deal than going the traditional route of listing your house. We assess your home’s value and provide an offer at absolutely no cost to you. If you decide to sell your property to us, you won’t have to pay any agent commissions or anything of that nature. We also typically take care of the closing costs, so there is no money required of you up front to begin the process.

What are my obligations if I request a fair cash offer?

You might be hesitant to request a free quote, expecting to be pressured into selling your house to us, or that if you don’t we’ll continue to call and harass you, but we really mean it when we say no obligation. We want to make offers that are in the best interest of both parties, and it is entirely up to you if you decide to take our offer or not. Even if we request more information in order to provide a quote, you have no obligation to respond to us or go any further with the process. Fair enough?

What is the difference between you and a real estate agent?

When you sign on with a real estate agent or broker, you usually have to sign an agreement to pay them a percentage of the amount you get for your house. The agent will list your property on the market, take questions and show the house to interested buyers to obtain a sale. Their incentive is the commission, but they have no real investment in your property outside of the time and energy it takes them to sell your house. We, on the other hand, take a financial risk by buying your property intending to get it ready for the market and make some profit in the end. If we don’t make a profit, it is all on us. Meanwhile, you aren’t waiting months on end for a buyer to make an offer, going through a lengthy closing process, and paying agent fees out of what could have been your profit. With us, we are the buyers, with no middlemen, no fees, and because we pay in cash, we aren’t encumbered by getting a loan or any of those other time wasters.

Will you actually be buying my property, or just listing it on the MLS?

We will actually be purchasing your property. We buy property in Washington that meets our criteria, and from there we might make some repairs and resell it or use it as a rental property. We’re not agents. We are professional property buyers.

How can I guarantee that you’re not going to hold up my house with a contract only to back out in 30 days?

While there are no guarantees in life, I can assure you that we take great pride in making offers we can stand behind. Once we’ve made an offer, we have one goal, and that goal is to close the sale on the exact timeline laid out in our contract.

Will I get a fair price for my home?

We will offer you a fair price that not only lets you walk away satisfied, but that also allows us the possibility of making some profit down the road. This means that many of our offers are slightly below the current market value. What we’ve noticed though is most of our sellers are more interested in selling their home quickly without having to repair their home, wait for the listing, pay the fees, and all the other hassles with selling it the traditional way. If that describes your situation, then we should talk. There is no risk in getting our free, no obligation, cash offer just to see if it makes sense for you to take this route.

How do you come up with the price you offer on my house?

We pride ourselves in running a reputable business and being very transparent with everyone we work with. We determine your homes value based on the value of other homes in the area, the location, the current condition, and the approximate repair costs. We will then make you an offer that is fair and allows us to make some profit once we fix it up and get it back on the market. Our end goal is for you to walk away from the property stress-free, feeling good about your decision.

Tacoma Cash Offer takes the burden out of selling your house the traditional way. If you want to avoid needless repairs, keeping your house spotless for showings, listing & closing costs, then call us today and request a no obligation cash offer.