Probate is the legal process in which a loved one’s will and testament is carried out as specified, and all beneficiaries receive the designated assets and property. Probate also ensures that all taxes and debts are paid in full and that anyone who has a claim to the estate has the chance to make it known before the will is carried out.

Probate begins when an executor of the will informs the courts that a loved one has deceased. The courts then confirm the executor’s appointment or assign an executor if none exists. The court then works with all beneficiaries and creditors throughout the remainder of the probate process.


Probate is almost always necessary and mandatory if there is a clear will in place. Probate ensures that the distribution of assets occurs precisely as instructed in the will. It also ensures that all debts are paid in full before the assets are distributed. However, the courts often grant a lot of flexibility and power to the executor, as long as the executor is following the law and adhering to the will.

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    Although probate is not complicated, it can be a drawn-out process due to the amount of research and correspondence that the executor has to perform. The probate process may include

    Submit the Death Certificate to the Court

    The executor informs the court of the recent death in the family. They must provide a copy of the death certificate to start the probate process. The court may also request additional documents. Your family or the executor may want to hire a probate lawyer in Tacoma who can guide you through this part of the process.

    The Court Validates the Will

    The executor submits a request to the court to validate the will. The court reviews all documents to make sure that they were properly signed and dated and that all of the information is correct. If the court is satisfied with the will, they allow the beneficiaries to move forward.

    The Court Assigns or Verifies the Executor

    If the executor is mentioned in the will, the court will verify the executor and instruct them to carry out the probate process. If there is no executor in the will, the court may assign an executor. From this point forward, the executor will do most of the processing and communication with all relevant parties.

    The Executor Posts a Bond

    In some cases, the executor may need to post a bond to ensure that all creditors, government agencies, and beneficiaries receive their share of the assets. The bond also protects the estate if the executor either made an error or acted illegally. In some states, a bond is mandatory, depending on certain situations.

    Inform All Beneficiaries and Creditors

    At this point, the executor must alert all creditors and beneficiaries about the death. Creditors will have the opportunity to collect any debt. State or federal governments can collect any unpaid taxes. Last, beneficiaries can collect the remaining amount in the estate. The executor is in charge of identifying and contacting all relevant parties.

    Pay All Fees and Debts

    The executor must assess the value of the property to determine how much is left and how much is owed. They are responsible for distributing all debts and fees to all relevant agencies. It is essential that this part of the process is carried out with accuracy. Otherwise, the creditors may pursue the executor or any beneficiaries for the remaining debt.

    Distribute All Remaining Assets

    The executor or personal representative will have to transfer the titles or deeds of the specific real estate or other items into the beneficiaries’ names. All they need to do is follow the directions in the will. If there isn’t a will, they need to follow the instructions provided by the probate judge.


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    • 15+ years of experience
    • Over 390 Pierce County Homes Purchased