What Are the Most Expensive Structural Issues?

When trying to sell your home, nothing can be worse than discovering that you need to make some major repairs so that the home is safe and sellable. An appraisal or inspection could reveal issues with the flooring, roofing, or walls you need to address immediately.

While some problems may only cost you a few hundred dollars, others can eat into your profits by thousands of dollars. Below, we look at some of the most expensive structural issues and how they can keep you from selling your home on the market. We also explore options for selling your house as-is in Tacoma, Washington.

How Much Do Structural Issues Cost to Repair?

Some of the most expensive structural issues include

1. Foundation repair

If your home was built in an area where the soil tends to swell with rains and contract during periods of drought, those changes put your foundation at risk. Foundation repairs are complicated and can get very expensive.

Cost: Anywhere from $450 to $11,000

Signs of a problem:

  • Doors and windows that don’t fit their frames and are hard to shut
  • Cracks showing up around the house
  • Sloping floors
  • Water pooling in your basement or around the edges of your house.

2. Roof repair

Your roof is the most important part of your house for protecting everything else in it from the elements. When it needs repair, it’s essential to do it fast.

Cost: Average of $650 for a partial repair or $6,000 for roof replacement

Signs of a problem:

  • Leaks
  • Missing shingles

3. Repair or replace the water heater

The water heater is something we all depend on every day without overthinking about it, but water heater problems can lead to flooding and even more expensive problems.

Cost: Average of $523 to repair and $1000 to replace.

Signs of a problem:

  • It makes loud or unusual noises
  • It leaks (mainly if it’s rust-colored water)

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    4. Termite damage

    Bugs in your home are an inconvenience at the very least, but one type causes far more trouble than any of the others. If you’re unlucky enough to deal with termites, it’s essential to treat the problem – and treat it fast.

    Cost: Treatment costs an average of $541, but the damage caused by termites averages $7,229

    Signs of a problem:

    • Swarms of minor flying bugs or bug wings in the basement
    • Hollowed out wood
    • Mud tunnels about the width of a pencil leading up to your exterior walls

    5. Water damage

    Water can rot wood, cause mold growth, and make metals rust. Whether due to flooding, a leak, or damage that happens little by little, water is one of the biggest culprits in costly home repairs.

    Cost: Average of $2,330

    Signs of a problem:

    • Leaks
    • A musty smell
    • Fuzzy discolorations in the walls or ceilings (mold or mildew)
    • Peeling paint

    6. Repair or install new pipes

    Plumbing issues are another potentially enormous expense, as they’re generally located in spots that are hard to get to (underground and inside walls).

    Cost: Repair for a sewer line averages $2,443; for a drainpipe, it’s $559, and installing new pipes averages $1,054

    Signs of a problem:

    • Discoloration or flaking in exposed pipes
    • Leaks
    • Rusty water

    7. Heating/AC repair

    Not only are AC and heating repairs expensive, the systems inevitably seem to break at the time of year you need them most (because it’s when they’re working the hardest). You won’t want to wait on getting them fixed.

    Cost: Average of $372 for AC, $288 for furnace

    Signs of a problem:

    • It’s not cooling or heating
    • The unit’s leaking or making strange noises

    8. Mold Removal

    Mold in your home can cause several health issues, particularly for anyone with allergies. Even if you’re not allergic to mold itself, it can have a severe effect on your home’s resale value.

    Cost: Average of $2,155

    Signs of a problem:

    • Musty odor
    • Discoloration in the walls or ceilings
    • Allergy symptoms

    9. Electrical issues

    Similar to dealing with plumbing problems, it’s not easy (or safe) for the average homeowner to access or attempt to fix electrical issues because the wiring is located within walls. But if electrical problems go unfixed, you face a risk of fire – not to mention the inconvenience of your electricity not working.

    Cost: Average of $318 for repairs, but up to $15,000 for rewiring

    Signs of a problem:

    • Circuit breakers trip regularly
    • Appliances shock you
    • Flickering lights

    10. Septic system repair

    A septic tank not working correctly can be a big, messy problem (ew). It’s not one you’ll be able to (or want to) put off fixing.

    Cost: Average of $1,488

    Signs of a problem:

    • Toilets won’t flush
    • Slow drains
    • Standing, smelly water in your yard


    Even the most minor structural issues can keep your house from selling on the market. Why?

    The House is Unsafe

    It should come as no surprise that no one wants to buy your house if it is structurally unstable. Problems with the roof, framework, wiring, insulation, drywall, and flooring increase the risk of injury. The ceiling or floor could fall in. The roof might blow off the house in extreme weather. Or someone may get electrocuted. All these issues raise red flags with homebuyers.

    Poor Energy Efficiency Means Higher Monthly Bills

    A savvy home buyer looks at the long-term cost of operating a house. They may assess the AC, plumbing, and electrical work to determine how much energy each consumes. In addition, they may look at whether the house leaks. Structural problems may allow drafts to come in through the attic, windows, or doors. No one wants to pay high utility bills.

    Repairs and Renovations are Expensive

    Some homeowners may look at a worn-out house and see the opportunity. However, most homeowners only see costly repairs and renovations. Replacing the roof can cost $10,000 to $15,000 after the new owners move in. Framework repairs can also cost thousands of dollars.


    Before you contact the realtor or list your house on the market, do not pass up the chance to sell your house as-is for cash. Tacoma Cash Offer is here to help you find the simplest solutions to get cash-in-hand quickly without wasting time and money on repairs and closing costs. To schedule a quick, no-obligation walkthrough with one of our local house buyers, call 253-300-2897.

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