What Is a Company That Buys Houses in Washington?

A company that buys houses in Washington is an individual or team of local home buyers that pays cash for houses as-is. The company buys directly for the seller in what is known as a cash home sale. The buyer appraises the house and makes an offer. If the seller agrees to the offer, the buyer and seller agree on the terms of the sale, sign the paperwork, and close the transaction.

A company that buys houses in Washington can be investors, wholesalers, or an individual that flips houses. They are typically local buyers that purchase property from sellers in their market. The buyer simplifies the process by working directly with the seller. As a result, the seller does not have to hire a realtor, make home repairs, show the house to multiple buyers, or go through a lengthy closing process.

What Is a House-Buying Company?

There are several distinct characteristics of a house-buying company in Washington.

You Work with a Single Pre-Qualified Home Buyer

In a traditional home sale, you may get multiple offers from buyers. However, many of these buyers do not qualify for a mortgage loan or they back out of the deal. A local home buyer that makes a cash offer is ready to commit and has the resources necessary to land the deal. It’s a guaranteed sale once you accept the offer and both parties agree on the terms.

The Company Buys Houses As-Is

A house-buying company pays cash for your house as-is. They are prepared to purchase the property regardless of the home’s condition. You make no repairs or upgrades to the property. You also avoid inspections or appraisals. You can save thousands of dollars in home repair costs and pocket that money when selling your house.

The Buyer Closes the Sale Fast

The average closing timeline for a traditional home sale is 30 to 45 days. By contrast, the entire process of selling your home and closing takes one to three weeks. Why? Because a cash home sale eliminates many of the steps you have to take in a traditional home sale. You simply transfer the home’s title, sign the remaining paperwork, and get paid.

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Is a Cash Home Buyer the Same as a Realtor?

A company that buys houses in Washington is not the same as a realtor. A realtor’s job is to prepare the seller to list and show the house. Afterward, they broker the deal and help the seller close. A realtor typically charges five to six percent commission from the sale price.

A house-buying company does not broker a deal with a buyer. Instead, the company is the buyer. The buyer makes a cash offer on your house and pays you for it. The transaction is strictly between you and the buyer. So there is no need to hire a realtor.

Is a Cash Home Buyer the Same as an Investor?

Yes and no. It depends on what type of buyer you sell your house to. An investor is a broad term for real estate professionals who buy houses for different reasons - fix and flip, buy and hold, rental property, etc. You could consider a cash home buyer an investor or a house-buying company a team of investors.

However, cash buyers do not have to be large-scale investors. It could be someone in your neighborhood looking to fix and flip a house. Unlike many real estate investors, cash buyers are more personable and want to create a win-win situation in which both parties walk away satisfied with the deal.

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