You spend a great deal of time trying to figure when to sell your house so that you can maximize your profits. However, you may run into a situation where you have to sell your house fast in Tacoma. For instance, you may need to sell your house for cash if you are facing foreclosure, divorce, a new job, or probate. In these types of cases, the best time to sell your house is right away. Delaying may hurt your situation.

With that in mind, there are several factors that can determine when you should sell your house. They can include the market, the climate you live in, the condition of your house, or even something as simple as when school starts. Let’s take a closer at factors you should consider before selling your house.


According to Zillow, the best time to sell your house is between May 1st and May 15th. However, multiple circumstances can have a greater influence on when it is time to sell. These circumstances may include:

Your Location

Where you live has a significant impact on whether you can sell your house fast and for how much. For instance, if you want to sell your house in Tacoma, you may want to avoid listing it in the winter. However, if you were in a Southern Climate such as Southern Texas or Southern Florida, winter may be the ideal time to sell.

The Housing Market

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make when selling a house is ignoring the market. The real estate market is often governed by the country’s economy. So, before you sell your house, make sure you follow real estate trends closely. You may also want to consult a local house buyer to find out how you can sell your house fast, regardless of the market.

The drawback to an FSBO is that you do all the work. Even worse, you have to take care of the sale while traveling back and forth from your new city. This can be time-consuming and costly. The average time a house stays on the market in an FSBO is six to twelve months. You may not want to manage your sale and take care of your old house that long.

Your Circumstances

Regardless of how the market is performing, your personal circumstances will almost always determine when and how you can sell your house. Keep in mind that if you list your house on the market, you are going to spend thousands of dollars on repairs, closing costs, and realtor fees. If you don’t have a budget for selling the house, you may want to consider a different option, such as trying to sell your house as-is for cash.

The Season

Small market trends do tend to occur in specific seasons. Spring brings warmer weather and longer days. Summer gives you more daylight hours and predictable weather. You may have more buyers in the fall due to less competition. If you are a highly motivated buyer who wants to sell your house fast, you can do so in the winter to take advantage of tax breaks and other benefits.

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    The real estate market is unreliable. Even if the market is doing well, there are no guarantees that you will sell your house. A better option is to try to sell your house for cash in Tacoma, WASHINGTON.

    There are several reasons why selling your house for cash is a better option:

    • You pay no closing costs, realtor commissions, or other fees.
    • There is no reason to renovate, repair, or prepare your house.
    • You can avoid listing or showing your house to potential buyers.
    • Choose your closing date without waiting.
    • We buy your house as-is – don’t bother cleaning it.
    • You work with a local house buyer in the Tacoma.
    • We make a fair, competitive offer just under your house’s market value.

    With all the benefits of selling your house for cash, you owe it to yourself to explore it as an option. Let us take your property off your hands. You walk away free and clear with no strings attached.


    When you go the traditional route for selling your house, the process can be complicated. You have to meet with a realtor multiple times, list your house on the market through various platforms, and find creative ways to make your house more attractive. Plus, there are no guarantees if or when you’ll find a qualified buyer.

    Our process for buying your house is fast and easy:

    Talk to a Local House Buyer

    Feel free to call one of our local buyers to schedule a quick house visit. We can answer your questions, discuss your options, and do a quick run-through of the property. Don’t worry about making any preparations. We are happy to view your house as-is.

    Let Us Make an Offer on Your House

    If we like what we see, then we’ll make an offer on your house without delay. We typically make offers at just under the house’s value. Our offers are fair and consistent with no changes once the proposal is submitted.

    Get Cash for Your House

    If you accept our offer, then schedule a close date that is convenient for you. We show up and sign the paperwork, pay all the closing costs, and seal the deal. We can pay you cash for your house in as little as seven days from closing.

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      We buy houses as-is from homeowners for any reason:

      Bankruptcy Damaged House
      Distressed House Divorce
      Downsizing Foreclosure
      Inherited Property Late Mortgage Payments
      Probate Relocating
      Selling As-Is Selling Rental Property

      You may believe that your current situation prevents you from being able to sell your house fast. In a traditional house sale, this may be true. However, when you sell your house for cash, a local house buyer in Tacoma can purchase your house regardless of the reason. Whether you are dodging a foreclosure, diving assets after a divorce, downsizing, or getting rid of a rental, we can take your house off your hands and give you a competitive cash payment.


      Do you live in Tacoma, Washington? If so, contact Tacoma Cash Offer today. Sell your house fast for cash in Tacoma and the surrounding area. We buy houses as-is in any condition. Call 253-300-2897 to schedule a quick, no-obligation visit with one of our local cash home buyers.

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